Our strength is the design of the single product, a product that shares the tastes of the customer but it  also maintains a high quality. Each individual and unique project will distinguish itself in the world, other similar products may also be copied, but they will never be equal to nuances, originality, positioning and quality of fossils. The Created article is strictly extracted in Africa, worked by skillful African stonemason who, with unique mastery, will work until the complete construction and preparation of the object. Also the pipes and the brassware, will be produced in brass, rigorously handmade. We are very keen to emphasize the uniqueness of what we create, knowing that the piece of your property is only yours and nobody can have one equal. We must also consider the fact that standard marble for as beautiful it can be, due to the presence of pigmentation of various colors and by the presence of metals or phosphates, it represents the natural elements without past life, what our marble with fossils actually portray. We speak of a marble that retains the origins of life, a marble that has recorded the changes of 480 millions of years and which is equivalent to a number of 6 million times the life of a man. Why not plunge into that world, dreaming of that period enchanted by marbles with fossils? I think it is sensational and unrepeatable to relax in a custom bathtub, to see fossils all around you that seem to be alive and to allow you to participate as a spectator… to the history of life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      M. Borrini