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Why marble with fossils?

Because the history, uniqueness and recognisability of a material such as fossil marble characterize the details that make the difference. Chromatic variations and physical characteristics of the fossil marble are shaped with professionalism and experience in objects of great historical value.

Why wanting an object purely realized with fossil marble?

Because it is a taylor made product, and this would enhance the quality of the fossil marble, it also becomes a luxury product desired by many but owned by few. This is the production of a hand made luxury product, with unique pieces in a limited edition.
Let us not forget that the product is produced in the area of excavation, with classic technologies where the skill of men still has a value instead of standardized productions as it often occurs in modernized countries.


Why buying an object purely made of fossil marble?

Because the beauty of purchasing a product made of fossil marble, which is seen as a luxury item, is that everyone will recognize it as such. People are willing to possess a custom object, made with raw natural materials, which is valuable and unique just as the fossil marble with its historicity that characterizes it. These are objects that make extraordinary every day life.

Why is important to own a customized object?

Because it’s important to let ourselves enjoy it and for our own pleasure. Unique and recognizable style: a timeless work of art! Esthetic value, practicality and functionality.